Senior Management Team

The Joint Co-ordinators are jointly responsible for the management of Ochil Tower and are accountable to the Board of Trustees, the Care Inspectorate and other statutory bodies. Jointly they would need to demonstrate an awareness of all management issues, relevant legislation and guidelines and the ability to act decisively and effectively in any given situation. Individually they would need to show the ability to carry overall responsibility for Ochil Tower and demonstrate relevant skills and experience to manage the specific areas of responsibility each Joint Co-ordinator has been allocated. Each Joint Co-ordinator, acting within a frame of consensus, is authorised by the other Joint Co-ordinators to carry out the obligations inherent in the areas of work for which he or she accepts responsibility and is given the mandate to ensure that decisions taken are implemented according to agreed policies and standards. The Joint Co-ordinators are jointly responsible for setting standards, ensuring that all are aware of these standards and that they are implemented. They are also responsible for taking appropriate action where there is a failure to comply.The appointment of a Joint Co-ordinator is not dependent on age or length of stay, but on a willingness and ability to take both specific and overall managerial responsibility for Ochil Tower. Approval will be sought from the Board of Trustees and the Care Inspectorate for the appointment of Joint Co-ordinators or in the case of other changes (departures, re-allocation of responsibilities, etc.). The Joint Coordinators currently are:


Joint Co-ordinators


Ueli Ruprecht

BA CEd, DASE (Special Ed.)

Administration, Building & Finances

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Hilary Ruprecht

Dip. S.W., Dip. Adv. R.C.C.

Admission & Reviews, Child Protection

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Margaret Snellgrove

BA CEd, P.G. Dip. Counselling

Medical and Therapy, Co-worker and Staff Recruitment

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Neil Snellgrove

Dip. S.W., BSc Health and Social Care (hon)

Education, Health & Safety, Training and Staff Development

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